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Day 18 : සීගිරිය, Sigiriya

Something was keeping telling me it’ll be a great day.

My breakfast.

Ploughing and sowing.

Weerasinghe Textiles & Tailors workshop. Kurunegala Junction, Dambulla.

A female road builder.

A monk.


I had my lunch with this kiddo.

Sigiriya was no mere fortress, gloomy and forbidding. At the brief height of its glory, it was a royal citadel for more than 18 years, from 477 to 495 A.D, one of the loveliest that have graced this land.

Around the base of the rock are beautiful water gardens within a walled enclosure, ponds and fountains and boulder gardens with rock carvings, a legacy of its time as a monastery.

I did a survey with these students.

The wonder and beauty of Sigiriya – The Lion Mountain is North of Dambulla. To wonder around where the remains of a 5th Century amazing fortress palace sits 200m above the surrounding country.

A cute Chinese girl.

Then I climbed.

At the summit the view is spectacular.

The tales surrounding King Kasyapa have been passed from generation to generation and still have the power to instill respect, admiration and the greatest monument to his memory the remnants of his palace in the sky. Perhaps this is why Sigiriya is such a major tourist attraction right throughout the year.