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Day 6 : There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Life was suddenly full of possibilities, not to mention a few unexpected surprises. One of the wheel rims was fucked, we have to repair it.

That’s why Diyath called upon his tuk-tuk friend : Suranga.

We were heading to a local tyre repairing store.

There I found some Chinese equipment.

Mr Lijijamandar took a quick look at the tyre and started to work.

Then he told us this tyre can still work for a while, but we’d better replace it with a new one.

The service was charged for 100 rupees = 0.6 €.

Then we went back to have some lunch.

The girls had to go to some private maths class this afternoon. They told me that we were about to go in 20mn after lunch. I took like 30mn further to charge my Gopro camera and transfer all those files. Kana gaatui !! There won’t be a next time.

But the girls seemed all chillax even though they were late for the class.

Later, I had some Sri Lankan kebab with Diyath, Suranga, Irish : Shawrama.

I was a little bit tired and there was something going on with my left eye…

Diyath and Irish had something to do, so they told Suranga to drive me home and also to pick up the girls.

My first tuk-tuk experience with Suranga was very exciting, he’s absolutely the best tuk-tuk driver in Colombo, just look at how close we are to the car. It was like 30mph, and Suranga didn’t hit the brake at all.

While I was amazed by Suranga’s driving skills and enjoying the cool wind on my cheek, I found this.

Hey girls, here is your tuk-tuk guy…

Colombo’s night…

P.S. My left eye was burning and reddish, tears started to shed like a river. Help, I got a problem.