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Day 19 : පොළොන්නරුව, பொலநறுவை, புளத்தி நகரம், Polonnaruwa

Buddha statue.

The entrance of visiting area.

The museum of Polonnaruwa.

I wanted to take a shower.

The medieval capital city of Polonnaruwa was once protected by 3½ miles of walls. The many sculptures, friezes ruins, temples etc are contained within a family compact area.

Big lizard photography.

Look at what I found 🙂

The glory of Anuradhapura was destroyed by the South Indian invaders compelling the Sinhala monarchs to establish the capital in a different location Pulatthinagara – modern Polonnaruwa. The architectural features, sculptures, paintings and writings on stone have its own identity of Polonnaruwa type influenced not only by Buddhism but also by Hinduism as well.

I love sweet king coconut.

Amongst many rock carvings the Galvihara images of Buddha are the most remarkable. The delicate features of these carvings are apparent to this day and their size–standing 7m tall, 14m reclining – truly impressive.

Two guys from London, spent already 2 months in Sri Lanka.

I found a Buddhist school far from the residential area by myself. I was so lucky.

How to carve a Buddha.