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Day 21 : Hot air balloon flight, Montgolfière

Sometimes you just need to see something from a new perspective to give you inspiration..

Let the adventure begin..

Instruments used in a hot air balloon: the altimeter measures height above sea level, the pyrometer measures the temperature at the top of the balloon’s envelope and of course the compass tells which direction you are heading.

The main components of a hot air balloon are the envelope (balloon), fuel system, and gondola (basket). Most envelopes are made from ripstop nylon which is similar to the material for parachutes. One difference is that the ripstop is coated inside to contain the hot air. It is open at the bottom to receive the heating flame and have a deflation port, a large opening at the top that allows the hot air to escape during landing.

The fuel system is composed of the heater, which burns propane to heat the air in the envelope, fuel tanks, which are carried in the basket; and hoses, which connect the two. The basket is constructed of wickerwork rattan and is connected to the envelope by cables.

P.S. Pour garder la tradition française, à la fin de chaque vol, après l’attérissage, le champagne coulera afin de fêter dignement l’événement.