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Day 17 : Eat, pray, love = Monk lifestyle

A 30 years old chained male elephant.

At this moment, he’s not chained and he’s 1m away from me. I was just taking pictures and didn’t move. He blinked and reached his long trunk to my camera, then he approached me standing face to face, eyes staring on me for a few seconds. I guess maybe he’s just lonely and want to find someone to play with. A sudden shout drew his attention off, he turned around and started to work.

Buddhist fish.

Time to work.

Spent a few hours in a 1800 years old temple.

A monk was reading.

Look at his eyes.

Old stories.

A thirsty cat.

A rooster.

A man.

I love sweet fresh milk.

Wow, those are some big fishes.


Pumalli the cat, 1.5 years old.