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Day 7 : Keep a sharp eye

I’m still wet behind the ears. Something bad was going on to my left eye, and I just let it go without doing anything. The result is : I’m blind, partly.

Just kidding.

All happened two days ago. When I was playing with Nicole, she scratched my left eye with her little paws. My eye got infected and started to become really reddish and sensitive to light.

So today, Diyath decide to bring me to the hospital to do some eye check.

But without exception, I started the day with a little session of snapshots.


Diyath got some haircut.

Sri Lankan style newspaper. People here are really enjoying their life. With a cartoon styled newspaper, you can’t be unhappy. Not to mention, with this beautiful lady.

What I found on the way.

My best shot of the day.

A man begged for money, I gave him 100 rupees. Diyath told me that he said some good words to me and wished me a good life. I want say the same things to him, but I don’t speak Sinhala…

Here is Diyath’s girlfriend : Michiko. She brought me all over Colombo to make sure that my eye’s going to be OK. I found she looks a little bit like that lady behind her, so I did something to the photo. I hope she doesn’t mind though…

Then my camera got out of battery. Fuck me. I fell asleep when I got home yesterday because of my eye, so I didn’t charge the battery.

Then I heard this guy telling me : Don’t worry, you’re just gonna be OK.