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Day 9 : If only mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood

Because of my eye, I didn’t go out yesterday. Just another beautiful day of pig life.

The mosquitoes are the pure real Dracula. I eat, they sleep. I sleep, they eat…

I hope this magical Diuul Kiri (Wood apple juice) would help me to conquer the bloody world.

Sick of being mosquitoes’ servant, we went out even though it was raining.

Time is waiting for me.


Got hungry, Go nuts with donuts.

The people work in Gonuts showed me a 1944 central bank of china made 500 yuan.

Gangaramaya, I’m coming.

I wish I could take him home when I found this little cat.

One of his legs is broken.

He just crawled to me and reposed upon my legs. I guess he’s cold and wanted to find some place warm.

I didn’t have guts to take him home. The chance may never come again.