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Day 3 : කොළඹ, கொழும்பு, Colombo

Early in the morning, got a face like this made me feel really good :

Can’t remember where am I exactly, I walked around in the yard so that I could have some fresh air.

If you ask me why the sky is so bluey, didn’t you use some retouch software? Then you’ll be eating this : a clear atmosphere intensifies the blue of the sky !!

Ridiculously delicious lunch.

And some juicy papaya.

Then Diyath gave me a ride in Colombo,  who could have known that it took the whole day.

Are you thirsty, cow boy ?

I’m glad I got my camera. It’s hot out there, 34°C, but we were fine in the car.

Diyath taught me how to buy 1000 rupee’ gasoline. The station is ran by a man and his son.

We had to pick up a friend, Irish, who works as a cameraman in the country’s biggest sports television channel.

Then I found this, a BMW 730 with a VIP red number plate.

Sri Lankan beauties.

In Sri Lanka, every student have to wear the uniform, even in college. I found it a little bit funny when I saw

these grown up men in their cute little blue ones.

You can see a lot of temples like this in Colombo.

Diyath told me this is the president’s house.

We went to pick up a cousin sister who wanted to change some money. I changed all my euros to Sri Lankan

rupees : 90€ = 15030 LKR. The number seems pretty exciting though.

The others were hungry, we went to a Domino’s. The Sri Lankan people are really the happiest ones, they just

don’t stop laughing.

The Sri Lankan Domino’s menu.

Dig in then.

When we stepped out of the Domino’s, it’s already night out there. We were heading home, so was the cow.

Those two little things in the plate is called “Modam pooja”, a Tamil festival food, the left one is sweet, the

other one is salty. They are both amazingly delicious. Tamil gods are really lucky.

And yes, it’s a bottle of wine, and it’s for later that night. So children please go to bed, because the really scary

night story was about to happen…

P.S. About the wine : Rockland Old Arrack, 100% coconut wine, 34°, and only from Sri Lanka. Saudi ye puremu !!