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Day 2 : Things have a way of working out when you least expect it

I woke up with an aching neck and back at 4 in the morning on the airplane’s seat, the monitor in front of me was showing : “Time To Colombo : 2h37”. The air hostess started to serve the last meal : “Chicken or Fish?”, “Chicken, please.”, said I, laughing. I took fish yesterday, so… When I was putting those delicious tagliatelle into my mouth, I started to think about this blog that I wanted to build for my journey. I’m not kind of guy who writes some stuff daily, actually not even once in a year. I’ll just keep it simple, so that I won’t get tired of it.

Anyway, I decided to start with day 2. Day 1 is not going to be missing though, I’ll try to upload it later.

The flight landed in Colombo at 6h36 a.m. local time. I stepped out of the plane and suddenly I felt a hot and humid air. I’m back, Asia.

At the Exit Hall, there is some television people.

I waited 30mn to get my baggage. A Canadian couple from Montreal was right next to me, I didn’t miss the chance of speaking french for the last time, and I picked up a really cute Quebecois accent, proud of me.

Diyath, my Couchsurfing host in Colombo showed up like an angel when I was standing outside of the airport, staring at the overcast sky, while the rain was pouring down non stop. I got on a car with Diyath’s cousin sister and her adorable baby girl who was born in Delhi.

Diyath and his driving friend took me for a ride about 3h in Colombo. I’ve enjoyed this excellent chance for shooting some first photos of Sri Lanka. It turned out to be like this :

Then we arrived in his place.

His parents:

The house helper:

His younger sister:

10 cats:

What a family !

And this is my room, holy cow, it’s more than perfect :

Basically, I got everything I need:



And it’s all free. You can imagine how I was smiling when Diyath told me : “Hey, bro, you can stay here for no matter how many days, and if you need anything, just ask.”.

“Paradise” said I to myself, and heard it resound the rest of the day.

P.S. Am I the cuttest?