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Day 22 : Unawatuna

An early start.

Because it’s time to beachinnnnnng…

Two guys from Sweden, a bar tender and an engineer.

Still beaching..

Something bit my left foot when I was in the water, taking pictures. It really hurts.

A couple from Brussels, Belgium, Céline and Bernard. They invited me to hang out with them. I had a great French afternoon.

Céline and Bernard found a little buddy.

We had lunch together.

The coolest tuk-tuk driver of Unawatuna.

Devil dances of Sri Lanka.

Sea turtle.

A leisurely boat excursion.

This guy got his own island and he showed us how to make some cinnamon products.

Cinnamon leafs.

Cinnamon tea.

Cinnamon well.

Got back and went to the beach again.

It’s time to go home.