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Day 15 : ?

Coming soon…

Day 14 : ?

Coming soon…


Day 13 : காலிமுகத் திடல், Crépuscule de Galle Face Green

Children, vendors, teenagers, lovers, kite flyers, merrymakers… Welcome to Galle Face Green promenade.

Where are the surfers?

Be cautious, bathing in the ocean is dangerous. You’re joking, right?

Cobra dance.

People indulge in their favorite pastimes next to the sea under the open sky.

Kite surfing?

Got hungry, went to a Sri Lankan Burger’s King.

Sri Lankan lottery. Since buying these, people have been living in clover.

Day 12 : Subha upan dinayak, Digini Dimanthi

Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2016 is :

Day 11 : Life is too short, prediction has never been perfect

It’s the time to see some nice places, hence I walked.

Still walking…

After 3h, got tired and went home.

When I left :

When I got back :

I guess some guy is always enjoying their happy life. I need a cup of sweet tea 🙂

Day 10 : All the things are of no consequence just like floating clouds

I found my posing model : Mr Subramaniyan.

He might not know that, but he’s absolutely the best in this business, I’ve got nobody like him who can pose without moving even a little bit in the blazing sun.

Hi, majiang, how you doing 🙂

What’s with all these clothes?

I stayed with Mr Subramaniyan while he’s working. Here everything becomes clear, and the world makes most sense. I’ve put myself out there, and I returned with something new. I’ve imagined if I could work like him, and I can’t give myself a sure answer. But it doesn’t matter anymore.

Something doesn’t belong here.

Ayubowan 🙂

Day 9 : If only mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood

Because of my eye, I didn’t go out yesterday. Just another beautiful day of pig life.

The mosquitoes are the pure real Dracula. I eat, they sleep. I sleep, they eat…

I hope this magical Diuul Kiri (Wood apple juice) would help me to conquer the bloody world.

Sick of being mosquitoes’ servant, we went out even though it was raining.

Time is waiting for me.


Got hungry, Go nuts with donuts.

The people work in Gonuts showed me a 1944 central bank of china made 500 yuan.

Gangaramaya, I’m coming.

I wish I could take him home when I found this little cat.

One of his legs is broken.

He just crawled to me and reposed upon my legs. I guess he’s cold and wanted to find some place warm.

I didn’t have guts to take him home. The chance may never come again.

Day 8 : President Barack Obama wins re-election (I don’t give a shit), Digini’s birthday (this is huge)

Happy birthday, Digini. Subha upan dinayak !!

I had a nava cake and a cup cake.

My left eye need to get rest. So day off.

I’m such a couch potato.

There’s always room for jello.

Monkeys are really fast.

Night photography.

Golu Bella.

Kala Madiriya.

Chita 🙂


Day 7 : Keep a sharp eye

I’m still wet behind the ears. Something bad was going on to my left eye, and I just let it go without doing anything. The result is : I’m blind, partly.

Just kidding.

All happened two days ago. When I was playing with Nicole, she scratched my left eye with her little paws. My eye got infected and started to become really reddish and sensitive to light.

So today, Diyath decide to bring me to the hospital to do some eye check.

But without exception, I started the day with a little session of snapshots.


Diyath got some haircut.

Sri Lankan style newspaper. People here are really enjoying their life. With a cartoon styled newspaper, you can’t be unhappy. Not to mention, with this beautiful lady.

What I found on the way.

My best shot of the day.

A man begged for money, I gave him 100 rupees. Diyath told me that he said some good words to me and wished me a good life. I want say the same things to him, but I don’t speak Sinhala…

Here is Diyath’s girlfriend : Michiko. She brought me all over Colombo to make sure that my eye’s going to be OK. I found she looks a little bit like that lady behind her, so I did something to the photo. I hope she doesn’t mind though…

Then my camera got out of battery. Fuck me. I fell asleep when I got home yesterday because of my eye, so I didn’t charge the battery.

Then I heard this guy telling me : Don’t worry, you’re just gonna be OK.

Day 6 : There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Life was suddenly full of possibilities, not to mention a few unexpected surprises. One of the wheel rims was fucked, we have to repair it.

That’s why Diyath called upon his tuk-tuk friend : Suranga.

We were heading to a local tyre repairing store.

There I found some Chinese equipment.

Mr Lijijamandar took a quick look at the tyre and started to work.

Then he told us this tyre can still work for a while, but we’d better replace it with a new one.

The service was charged for 100 rupees = 0.6 €.

Then we went back to have some lunch.

The girls had to go to some private maths class this afternoon. They told me that we were about to go in 20mn after lunch. I took like 30mn further to charge my Gopro camera and transfer all those files. Kana gaatui !! There won’t be a next time.

But the girls seemed all chillax even though they were late for the class.

Later, I had some Sri Lankan kebab with Diyath, Suranga, Irish : Shawrama.

I was a little bit tired and there was something going on with my left eye…

Diyath and Irish had something to do, so they told Suranga to drive me home and also to pick up the girls.

My first tuk-tuk experience with Suranga was very exciting, he’s absolutely the best tuk-tuk driver in Colombo, just look at how close we are to the car. It was like 30mph, and Suranga didn’t hit the brake at all.

While I was amazed by Suranga’s driving skills and enjoying the cool wind on my cheek, I found this.

Hey girls, here is your tuk-tuk guy…

Colombo’s night…

P.S. My left eye was burning and reddish, tears started to shed like a river. Help, I got a problem.

Day 5 : Nothing stands in my way, I’ll get my water back

It’s been 22h without water, enough is enough. I told Diyath that we have to fix the problem and kick some serious monkey’s ass.

But before doing anything, we eat. All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Hi, my coconut friend, you look like very tasty.

Then we were heading to a store to buy stuffs for repairing the pipeline. We took a shortcut across the field.


We love kids here in Sri Lanka.

Finally, we got what we needed.

On our way back, a cow was really interested in my camera.

And I’ve told him if he looks like these two ladies, he might have a chance. I’m just kidding.

Shower and lunch. Since I was always asking what’s in all these food, the grand chief showed me the real secret of Sri Lankan food : spices.

I took a walk to digest. Miss Thebuwanage agreed to accompany me.

After a “long” “arduous” walk, we got the right to have some yami Sri Lankan 100% milk yogurt : cuaid !

Afternoon, 35°c, the only thing to do is…

I got another idea though : another sweaty long walking.

I wish I have a 300mm telephoto lens.

When I was back, I put my Gopro Camera on the roof to record some time-lapse snapshots.

And I found this guy.

When I was setting up my Gopro. There was Miss Malini singing. For quite a moment, I stopped asking myself questions.

Every time when the sun goes down I think of …

P.S. Ashly is sick, we tried to feed him some milk since he didn’t eat the whole day.

Good day to everybody.

Day 4 : Everyday is an opportunity to get better, and I just waste it.

After a huge coconut and sugarcane arrack night, my hangover next day was a beauty…

Finally I was able to get up, but I think this little lady was maybe more drunk than me.

I started with lunch since it was already 1 p.m. Some friends were just hanging around to find if they could share some food.

Here is Tommy the dog.

I wanted to get rid of these feelings of depression and anxiety, so I went for a shower, that’s when they told me there is no water! Some monkeys just broke the pipeline. How could they do this to me, this was the saddest part of my day. Bad monkeys.

Luckily, I got this little cute girl with me : Nicole.

Later that night, they brought me a good news and a bad news.

Good one : please have some food 🙂

Bad one : the cats just killed a little birdy 🙁

And there is still no water !! I guess that’s actually two bad news.

But suddenly, I didn’t feel sad anymore, the little misery of my day is absolutely nothing compared to this little bird’s life. Be happy cause I’m alive.

Then I put my favorite movie to cheer me up.

That night, they gave me a fan, but I didn’t use it. Being in here reminds me of my life back home and I’m beginning to think about my own use of resources. Besides, I’m gonna take a cool invigorating shower tomorrow even though I felt suffocated when I was sleeping.

I need some water of love…

Day 3 : කොළඹ, கொழும்பு, Colombo

Early in the morning, got a face like this made me feel really good :

Can’t remember where am I exactly, I walked around in the yard so that I could have some fresh air.

If you ask me why the sky is so bluey, didn’t you use some retouch software? Then you’ll be eating this : a clear atmosphere intensifies the blue of the sky !!

Ridiculously delicious lunch.

And some juicy papaya.

Then Diyath gave me a ride in Colombo,  who could have known that it took the whole day.

Are you thirsty, cow boy ?

I’m glad I got my camera. It’s hot out there, 34°C, but we were fine in the car.

Diyath taught me how to buy 1000 rupee’ gasoline. The station is ran by a man and his son.

We had to pick up a friend, Irish, who works as a cameraman in the country’s biggest sports television channel.

Then I found this, a BMW 730 with a VIP red number plate.

Sri Lankan beauties.

In Sri Lanka, every student have to wear the uniform, even in college. I found it a little bit funny when I saw

these grown up men in their cute little blue ones.

You can see a lot of temples like this in Colombo.

Diyath told me this is the president’s house.

We went to pick up a cousin sister who wanted to change some money. I changed all my euros to Sri Lankan

rupees : 90€ = 15030 LKR. The number seems pretty exciting though.

The others were hungry, we went to a Domino’s. The Sri Lankan people are really the happiest ones, they just

don’t stop laughing.

The Sri Lankan Domino’s menu.

Dig in then.

When we stepped out of the Domino’s, it’s already night out there. We were heading home, so was the cow.

Those two little things in the plate is called “Modam pooja”, a Tamil festival food, the left one is sweet, the

other one is salty. They are both amazingly delicious. Tamil gods are really lucky.

And yes, it’s a bottle of wine, and it’s for later that night. So children please go to bed, because the really scary

night story was about to happen…

P.S. About the wine : Rockland Old Arrack, 100% coconut wine, 34°, and only from Sri Lanka. Saudi ye puremu !!

Day 2 : Things have a way of working out when you least expect it

I woke up with an aching neck and back at 4 in the morning on the airplane’s seat, the monitor in front of me was showing : “Time To Colombo : 2h37”. The air hostess started to serve the last meal : “Chicken or Fish?”, “Chicken, please.”, said I, laughing. I took fish yesterday, so… When I was putting those delicious tagliatelle into my mouth, I started to think about this blog that I wanted to build for my journey. I’m not kind of guy who writes some stuff daily, actually not even once in a year. I’ll just keep it simple, so that I won’t get tired of it.

Anyway, I decided to start with day 2. Day 1 is not going to be missing though, I’ll try to upload it later.

The flight landed in Colombo at 6h36 a.m. local time. I stepped out of the plane and suddenly I felt a hot and humid air. I’m back, Asia.

At the Exit Hall, there is some television people.

I waited 30mn to get my baggage. A Canadian couple from Montreal was right next to me, I didn’t miss the chance of speaking french for the last time, and I picked up a really cute Quebecois accent, proud of me.

Diyath, my Couchsurfing host in Colombo showed up like an angel when I was standing outside of the airport, staring at the overcast sky, while the rain was pouring down non stop. I got on a car with Diyath’s cousin sister and her adorable baby girl who was born in Delhi.

Diyath and his driving friend took me for a ride about 3h in Colombo. I’ve enjoyed this excellent chance for shooting some first photos of Sri Lanka. It turned out to be like this :

Then we arrived in his place.

His parents:

The house helper:

His younger sister:

10 cats:

What a family !

And this is my room, holy cow, it’s more than perfect :

Basically, I got everything I need:



And it’s all free. You can imagine how I was smiling when Diyath told me : “Hey, bro, you can stay here for no matter how many days, and if you need anything, just ask.”.

“Paradise” said I to myself, and heard it resound the rest of the day.

P.S. Am I the cuttest?