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Day 23 : මහ නුවර, கண்டி, Kandy, Sacred temple of the tooth relic, Sri Dalada Maligawa

Kandy, some 2 hours south of the Cultural Triangle, is called the cultural capital of Sri Lanka.
We went to the town to see the Temple of Tooth.


Hazy future.

Beautiful and happy family.

Morning school time.

Traditional vs Modern.

What’s up buddy :)

I found a lot of old Japanese cars in Sri Lanka like this.

I could eat all those pineapples.

Nice dress.

Had a fancy breakfast with some herb soup.

Photo session after breakfast.

I found this in men’s room, creative and inspiring design.

Nini really loves her papi.

People keep telling me stop giving money to those beggars, because they’ll use it to get drunk.

Nice couple told us where to park.

Not fair.

Nini and her papi.

Elephants and tourists, I don’t find it really lovely.

That’s a lot of TATA.

Fresh juice and nice nap.

What the flipping heck is wrong with this clock tower.

Flowers for offering.

We found some monkeys.

Devoutly praying woman.

This is where we keep the Tooth.

Let’s pray…

This pigeon was following me everywhere.

Are you sad, buddy?

Evolution :)

Photography time…


Another beggar.

I got fresh papaya juice and lime juice.

Playful monkeys.

A guy’s doing seamstress work.

There is a something behind the cloud.
There you are, my friend :)

P.S. Abscondence

I stand in a place where I can reach out towards the sky.
I open my hands and release everything I got.
I keep myself warm with moonlight, and it give me strength.
Eventually I find the answer about my dreams.
The answer that I have known since the first day.
My future can only be brightened by myself.

Je me tenais près du haut du ciel.
J’ouvre mes mains et je relâche tous ce que j’ai.
Je me chauffe à la lune, qui me donne de la force.
Enfin je me suis rendu compte que la réponse de mes rêves est toujours dans mes propres mains.
On peut seulement briller par son propre esprit.

P.P.S. Je suis toujours en vie, ma poule…