Day 5 : Nothing stands in my way, I’ll get my water back

It’s been 22h without water, enough is enough. I told Diyath that we have to fix the problem and kick some serious monkey’s ass.

But before doing anything, we eat. All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Hi, my coconut friend, you look like very tasty.

Then we were heading to a store to buy stuffs for repairing the pipeline. We took a shortcut across the field.


We love kids here in Sri Lanka.

Finally, we got what we needed.

On our way back, a cow was really interested in my camera.

And I’ve told him if he looks like these two ladies, he might have a chance. I’m just kidding.

Shower and lunch. Since I was always asking what’s in all these food, the grand chief showed me the real secret of Sri Lankan food : spices.

I took a walk to digest. Miss Thebuwanage agreed to accompany me.

After a “long” “arduous” walk, we got the right to have some yami Sri Lankan 100% milk yogurt : cuaid !

Afternoon, 35°c, the only thing to do is…

I got another idea though : another sweaty long walking.

I wish I have a 300mm telephoto lens.

When I was back, I put my Gopro Camera on the roof to record some time-lapse snapshots.

And I found this guy.

When I was setting up my Gopro. There was Miss Malini singing. For quite a moment, I stopped asking myself questions.

Every time when the sun goes down I think of …

P.S. Ashly is sick, we tried to feed him some milk since he didn’t eat the whole day.

Good day to everybody.

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