Day 4 : Everyday is an opportunity to get better, and I just waste it.

After a huge coconut and sugarcane arrack night, my hangover next day was a beauty…

Finally I was able to get up, but I think this little lady was maybe more drunk than me.

I started with lunch since it was already 1 p.m. Some friends were just hanging around to find if they could share some food.

Here is Tommy the dog.

I wanted to get rid of these feelings of depression and anxiety, so I went for a shower, that’s when they told me there is no water! Some monkeys just broke the pipeline. How could they do this to me, this was the saddest part of my day. Bad monkeys.

Luckily, I got this little cute girl with me : Nicole.

Later that night, they brought me a good news and a bad news.

Good one : please have some food 🙂

Bad one : the cats just killed a little birdy 🙁

And there is still no water !! I guess that’s actually two bad news.

But suddenly, I didn’t feel sad anymore, the little misery of my day is absolutely nothing compared to this little bird’s life. Be happy cause I’m alive.

Then I put my favorite movie to cheer me up.

That night, they gave me a fan, but I didn’t use it. Being in here reminds me of my life back home and I’m beginning to think about my own use of resources. Besides, I’m gonna take a cool invigorating shower tomorrow even though I felt suffocated when I was sleeping.

I need some water of love…

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